Lauma Balode


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Seven Stories About Us

Role: Pregnant Wife

One’s skin color in Latvia can become a reason for denial of job or service or simply a request for help in the street. The character of this story based on true events lives in Latvia for a long time and for many times he’s been in situations when the most important part is played by his skin color. Behind the skin we can’t see thoughts, dreams, deeds and that the person is a part of Latvian society. In such situations many of us don’t realize we lose a person. Our fear blocks our thinking and creates a terrifying image – we attach to that “bogey man” all written nonsense gathered for centuries, all caricatures, name-calling and jokes. Each time such an utterance hurts a person who is not black, not white, who is just a teacher, a doctor, a street sweeper or a shop assistant. This video will tell and stimulate to think about the world that stretches above the black and white boredom. “7 stories about us” made in co-operation between of Society Integration Foundation and Juris Podnieks Studio with the financial support of the PROGRESS Programme of the European Union.

Ance Rusova