Lauma Balode


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The Mover

To be released May 2018

Role: Jewish woman
Title: The Mover
Director: Dāvis Sīmanis


Ten-year-old Zigis lives with his parents in Ķīpsala in a house by the Daugava River. The Second World War has started, but Zigis’ childhood is carefree. In 1942 Latvia is occupied by German troops, and repressions of Jews begin in Riga. Zigis’ father, Žanis Lipke, works at the Nazi Luftwaffe factory located in Riga, to which Jews from the ghetto are taken for forced labor every day. Being a passionate and fearless adventurer, Žanis devises a plan of saving the Jews who work at the factory and are destined for death. In the courtyard of his house he digs a bunker as their hiding place. The already insecure daily life during wartime becomes even more dangerous for Zigis – the whole family would face death for hiding Jews, and the heaviness of this secret lies on his shoulders. This experience gradually transforms him from a carefree boy living in a world of dreams into a mature teenager who becomes aware of the cruelty of war.

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