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The Outside

Role: Security guard
Title: The Outside
Director: Michal Hagenauer

The film participated in Berlin Film Festive - New Talent category. 


Mia (23) is soulful and polite young pretty girl who arrives abroad to work there as an aupair for a local family. It´s her first time to live abroad. She is a little bit nervous but the aupair agency has selected quite good looking family. She will take care about the household and their kids. The family lives on the periphery of small seaside town in the catalogued house with a large garden and swimming pool. Mia is entering a upper social class but they warmly and helpfully adopt her. What seems to be like a passion for a healthy, positive life style, family kindness, children obedience, home hospitality and temperance work - is uncovered as a strictly, radical and almost nazi functional family collective. They work hard and raise their children with physical punishment. Mia unconsciously begins to detach from herself, surrendering her mind, heart and body. She "voluntarily" takes on the role of the modern slave, increasingly excelling in her duties of punishing the children.

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